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renderer/native: Try the gbm renderer before the EGLDevice renderer

Jonas Ådahl requested to merge jadahl/mutter:wip/gbm-before-egl-device into main

This switches the order of what renderer mode is tried first, so that the gbm renderer mode is preferred on an NVIDIA driver where it is supported.

We fall back to still try the EGLDevice renderer mode if the created gbm renderer is not hardware accelerated.

The last fallback is still to use the gbm renderer, even if it is not hardware accelerated, as this is needed when hardware acceleration isn't available at all. The original reason for the old order was due to the fact that a gbm renderer without hardware acceleration would succeed even on NVIDIA driver that didn't support gbm.

Marked as WIP as it includes !1854 (merged)

Edited by Jonas Ådahl

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