Reenable touch-mode on touchscreen devices with pointers.

This is a partial revert of !1710 (merged) in order to resolve #1686, #1732, and #1760.

!1710 (merged) was based on the premise that touch-mode (i.e. auto-rotation and onscreen keyboard availability) should never be enabled when a device has a touchpad currently enabled. This would be a good assumption if all 2-in-1 laptops correctly disabled their touchpads when folded into tablet mode. But many don't, unless they are listed on a per-device basis in the Linux kernel.

Adding a gsetting would probably be the ideal solution here, but since nobody has been willing/able to implement that, I think a reversion is the best option. This issue has caused a large number of user complaints across the web:

There have also been multiple projects to fix it from the outside, which seem like duplicated effort at this point:

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