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    • Owen W. Taylor's avatar
      Make color constants work without warnings · af715f71
      Owen W. Taylor authored
      The code for defining a color as a constant had broken logic: it
      would try to parse the color first as an double, then as an integer;
      the second attempt would produce an error about overwriting the
      already-set-GError. Then it would clear the error and store the constant
      as a color.
      Use the fact that colors have to start with a letter or #, divide the
      space of constants into:
       - Integers
       - Doubles
       - Colors
      so we get good error messages. Based on a patch by
      William Jon McCann <jmccann@redhat.com>.
      Note that this breaks the ability to specify an integer constant as
      identical to another integer constant (the same didn't work for doubles.)
      I think this was an accidental side effect of the code and not something
      that was intentional or people were relying on
    • Owen W. Taylor's avatar
      introspection: remove --allow-unprefixed · 52bc675f
      Owen W. Taylor authored
      Remove --allow-unprefixed option to the scanner, and fix resulting
       * theme.h and boxes.h are split into a main -header and a private
         header that includes stuff that is not generally useful and
         hard to introspect. Merge theme-parser.h into theme.h.
       * meta_display_get_atom() and meta_window_get_window_type_atom()
         are marked as (skip)
       * Fix annotation: (element-type Strut) => (element-type Meta.Strut)
    • Owen W. Taylor's avatar
      Remove Mutter namespace prefix · 1920f211
      Owen W. Taylor authored
      Move all objects and functions namespaced with Mutter into the Meta namespace
      to get a single consistent namespace. Changes that aren't simply changing mutter
      to meta:
       MutterWindow              => MetaWindowActor
       mutter_get_windows        => meta_get_window_actors
       mutter_plugin_get_windows => meta_plugin_get_window_actors
    • Owen W. Taylor's avatar
      Remove MetaRegion · 804117c4
      Owen W. Taylor authored
      In many places, MetaRegion was being used entirely internally, rather
      than for gtk2/gtk3 compatibility. In these cases, it's simpler to just
      depend on cairo-1.10 (for both gtk2 and gtk3) and use cairo_region_t.
      The few places where we did need GDK compatibility (GdkEvent.region and
      gdk_window_shape_combine_mask) are replaced with a combination of
      converting GdkRegion to cairo_region_t and conditional code.
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