Commit f2f50083 authored by Adel Gadllah's avatar Adel Gadllah

Automaximize large windows on map

Windows that start up in a size that is almost as big as the workarea create
extra work for the user (resizing or maximizing) so save the user's time by
detecting such windows and automaximize them.
parent c39998ef
......@@ -57,7 +57,9 @@
#include <X11/extensions/Xcomposite.h>
/* Windows that unmaximize to a size bigger than that fraction of the workarea
* will be scaled down to that size (while maintaining aspect ratio) */
* will be scaled down to that size (while maintaining aspect ratio).
* Windows that cover an area greater then this size are automaximized on map.
static int destroying_windows_disallowed = 0;
......@@ -3013,7 +3015,20 @@ meta_window_show (MetaWindow *window)
if (!window->placed)
if (window->showing_for_first_time)
MetaRectangle work_area;
meta_window_get_work_area_for_monitor (window, window->monitor->number, &work_area);
/* Automaximize windows that map with a size > MAX_UNMAXIMIZED_WINDOW_AREA of the work area */
if (window->rect.width * window->rect.height > work_area.width * work_area.height * MAX_UNMAXIMIZED_WINDOW_AREA)
window->maximize_horizontally_after_placement = TRUE;
window->maximize_vertically_after_placement = TRUE;
meta_window_force_placement (window);
if (needs_stacking_adjustment)
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