Commit e4851667 authored by Marco Trevisan's avatar Marco Trevisan 🎺 Committed by Marco Trevisan
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monitor-config-manager: Fallback to closed laptop lid configuration

When closing the lid of a laptop, we reconfigure all the monitors in order
to update the CRTCs and (if enabled) the global UI scaling factor.

To do this, we try first to reuse the current configuration for the usable
monitors, but if we have only monitor enabled and this one is on the laptop
lid we just end up creating a new configuration where the primary monitor is
the laptop one (as per find_primary_monitor() in MetaMonitorConfigManager),
but ignoring the user parameters.

In case the user selected a different resolution / scaling compared to the
default one, while the laptop lid is closed we might change the monitors
layout, causing applications to rescale or reposition.

To avoid this, when creating the monitors configuration from the current
current state, in case we have only one monitor available and that one is
the laptop panel, let's just reuse this configuration.

parent 65a6c4c3
......@@ -446,23 +446,35 @@ MetaMonitorsConfigKey *
meta_create_monitors_config_key_for_current_state (MetaMonitorManager *monitor_manager)
MetaMonitorsConfigKey *config_key;
MetaMonitorSpec *laptop_monitor_spec;
GList *l;
GList *monitor_specs;
laptop_monitor_spec = NULL;
monitor_specs = NULL;
for (l = monitor_manager->monitors; l; l = l->next)
MetaMonitor *monitor = l->data;
MetaMonitorSpec *monitor_spec;
if (meta_monitor_is_laptop_panel (monitor) &&
is_lid_closed (monitor_manager))
if (meta_monitor_is_laptop_panel (monitor))
laptop_monitor_spec = meta_monitor_get_spec (monitor);
if (is_lid_closed (monitor_manager))
monitor_spec = meta_monitor_spec_clone (meta_monitor_get_spec (monitor));
monitor_specs = g_list_prepend (monitor_specs, monitor_spec);
if (!monitor_specs && laptop_monitor_spec)
monitor_specs =
g_list_prepend (NULL, meta_monitor_spec_clone (laptop_monitor_spec));
if (!monitor_specs)
return NULL;
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