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frame: Fix crash when clicking below titlebar with broken gtk themes

When a gtk theme uses larger shadows for the unfocused state than for
the focused one, this can cause a crash in meta_frame_left_click_event.
Since whether to call meta_frame_left_click_event is decided based on
the decoration size before focusing and the control that was clicked on
after focusing, this can result in an event handled in
meta_frame_left_click_event being on the client area.

Fixes #1668

Part-of: <!1748>
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......@@ -1112,6 +1112,15 @@ meta_frame_left_click_event (MetaUIFrame *frame,
* that cannot be resized (e. g. it is maximized and the theme
* currently used has borders for maximized windows), see #751884 */
return FALSE;
/* This can happen with broken gtk themes that have a larger shadow size
* in the unfocused state than in the focused one. Then when clicking
* below the titlebar area in the unfocused state would still be
* considered a click on the titlebar due to it being shifted down because
* of the shadow. This then causes the window to be focused before this
* function is called, which removes the shadow such that the same
* position is now considered to be on the client area */
return FALSE;
g_assert_not_reached ();
return FALSE;
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