Commit 9772f084 authored by Pascal Nowack's avatar Pascal Nowack Committed by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto
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screen-cast: Fix window recording on HiDPI

Using the same scale for the window as the
logical monitor only works correctly when having
the experimental 'scale-monitor-framebuffer'
feature enabled.
Without this experimental feature, the stream
will contain a black screen, where the actual
window only takes a small part of it.

Therefore, use a scale of 1 for the non-
experimental case.

Patch is based on commit 3fa6a92c.


(cherry picked from commit e89cea8e)
parent 8b087cfe
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......@@ -226,11 +226,15 @@ meta_screen_cast_window_stream_initable_init (GInitable *initable,
G_CALLBACK (on_window_unmanaged),
if (meta_is_stage_views_scaled ())
scale = (int) ceilf (meta_logical_monitor_get_scale (logical_monitor));
scale = 1;
/* We cannot set the stream size to the exact size of the window, because
* windows can be resized, whereas streams cannot.
* So we set a size equals to the size of the logical monitor for the window.
scale = (int) ceil (meta_logical_monitor_get_scale (logical_monitor));
window_stream->logical_width = logical_monitor->rect.width;
window_stream->logical_height = logical_monitor->rect.height;
window_stream->stream_width = logical_monitor->rect.width * scale;
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