Commit 8b24711b authored by Owen W. Taylor's avatar Owen W. Taylor
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Omit shadows for fullscreen and maximized windows

Fullscreen and maximized windows never have visible shadows - the only
case where we would ever see them is if they bleed onto an adjacent
monitor and that looks bad.

It's small performance win to avoid computing them, and this also avoids
painting the top shadow for all maximized windows in GNOME Shell - since
the top panel isn't a X window, it doesn't factor into the computation
of what parts of windows are visible and maximized windows are computed
as having a top shadow.
parent d4c28fc5
......@@ -762,6 +762,13 @@ meta_window_actor_has_shadow (MetaWindowActor *self)
if (priv->no_shadow)
return FALSE;
/* Leaving out shadows for maximized and fullscreen windows is an effeciency
* win and also prevents the unsightly effect of the shadow of maximized
* window appearing on an adjacent window */
if ((meta_window_get_maximized (priv->window) == (META_MAXIMIZE_HORIZONTAL | META_MAXIMIZE_VERTICAL)) ||
meta_window_is_fullscreen (priv->window))
return FALSE;
* Always put a shadow around windows with a frame - This should override
* the restriction about not putting a shadow around ARGB windows.
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