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Commit 829d3f4b authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi

docs: Update NEWS and README

The NEWS file was not updated for the 1.1.12 release, so we need to
update it now.

The Release Notes section for Clutter and Cogl also needs some more
entries that escaped previous releases.
parent d54af236
Clutter 1.1.12 (16/02/2010)
* List of changes since Clutter 1.1.10
o Fix compilation on 64bit platforms
o Fix some races of the Stage resizing on X11
o Documentation fixes for Cogl: the coverage is now 100%
o Fix rounding errors in the preferred height of the ClutterText
o Remove redundant type checks in clutter_actor_get_paint_opacity()
o Add support for the GLX_INTEL_swap_event extension; when using this
extension on GLX the glXSwapBuffers() call becomes non-blocking and
Clutter will use an event to control the master clock.
o Improve consistency between ClutterBox and ClutterGroup.
o On X11, do not set the _NET_WM_PID and WM_TITLE properties on a
Stage X window if the window was not created by Clutter itself
o Improve caching of GL constant values
o Optimize creating sub-textures of sub-textures
o Various fixes for the atlas and the journal
o Disable the atlas if FBOs are not supported
Clutter 1.1.10 (09/02/2010)
......@@ -290,6 +290,15 @@ Release Notes for Clutter 1.2
and G_TYPE_UCHAR, so this change should be fully transparent to the
user of the code.
* On X11 Clutter will emulate XKB's detectable key auto-repeat; this means
that when holding down a key, Clutter will emit multiple CLUTTER_KEY_PRESS
events and a single CLUTTER_KEY_RELEASE event instead of a list of
* On X11 and Win32 the default Stage is created when
clutter_stage_get_default() is called for the first time, and not as
part of the stage initialization.
Cogl API changes for Clutter 1.2
......@@ -326,6 +335,18 @@ Cogl API changes for Clutter 1.2
/* draw */
cogl_pop_framebuffer ();
* All cogl_<type>_ref() and cogl_<type>_unref() functions have been
deprecated, and superceded by cogl_handle_ref() and cogl_handle_unref()
* The cogl_check_extension() function has been deprecated. This function
was never meant to be public, since it depends on calling glGetString()
before its invocation. Users of this function can be replaced by the
equivalent code:
gl_ext = glGetString (GL_EXTENSIONS);
- has_ext = cogl_check_extension (ext_name, gl_ext);
+ has_ext = strstr (gl_ext, ext_name) != NULL ? TRUE : FALSE;
Release Notes for Clutter 1.0
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