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Add the write side of the DBus protocol too

This is just in the documentation for now, to attract wider feedback
before we start looking at how to implement this for real.
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......@@ -120,12 +120,69 @@
640x480 - 800x600 - 1024x768 default modes). Probably something
that we need to handle in mutter anyway.
<method name="GetResources">
<arg name="serial" direction="out" type="u" />
<arg name="crtcs" direction="out" type="a(uxiiiiiuaua{sv})" />
<arg name="outputs" direction="out" type="a(uxiausaua{sv})" />
<arg name="modes" direction="out" type="a(uxuud)" />
@serial: configuration serial
@persistent: whether this configuration should be saved on disk
@crtcs: new data for CRTCs
@outputs: new data for outputs
Applies the requested configuration changes.
@serial must match the serial from the last GetResources() call,
or org.freedesktop.DBus.AccessDenied will be generated.
If @persistent is true, mutter will attempt to replicate this
configuration the next time this HW layout appears.
@crtcs represents the new logical configuration, as a list
of structures containing:
- u ID: the API ID from the corresponding GetResources() call
- i new_mode: the API ID of the new mode to configure the CRTC
with, or -1 if the CRTC should be disabled
- i x, y: the new coordinates of the top left corner
the geometry will be completed with the size information
from @new_mode
- au outputs: the API ID of outputs that should be assigned to
this CRTC
- a{sv} properties: properties whose value should be changed
Note: CRTCs not referenced in the array will be disabled.
@outputs represent the output property changes as:
- u ID: the API ID of the output to change
- a{sv} properties: properties whose value should be changed
Note: both for CRTCs and outputs, properties not included in
the dictionary will not be changed.
Note: unrecognized properties will have no effect, but if the
configuration change succeeds the property will be reported
by the next GetResources() call, and if @persistent is true,
it will also be saved to disk.
If the configuration is invalid according to the previous
GetResources() call, for example because a CRTC references
an output it cannot drive, or not all outputs support the
chosen mode, the error org.freedesktop.DBus.InvalidArgs will
be generated.
If the configuration cannot be applied for any other reason
(eg. the screen size would exceed texture limits), the error
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.LimitsExceeded will be generated.
<method name="ApplyConfiguration">
<arg name="serial" direction="in" type="u" />
<arg name="persistent" direction="in" type="b" />
<arg name="crtcs" direction="in" type="a(uiiiaua{sv})" />
<arg name="outputs" direction="in" type="a(ua{sv})" />
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