Commit 7b97c7b3 authored by Dorian Stoll's avatar Dorian Stoll

wayland/tablet-tool: Fix stylus input with HiDPI scaling

After commit 75cffd0e ("shaped-texture: Implement ClutterContent"), the
input to the meta_wayland_tablet_tool_get_relative_coordinates function
is already scaled correctly. By scaling it again, all stylus events are
getting mapped to the screen incorrectly (for anything != 100% scaling).

See also: d3f30d9e

parent ca318c15
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......@@ -662,8 +662,8 @@ meta_wayland_tablet_tool_get_relative_coordinates (MetaWaylandTabletTool *tool,
clutter_event_get_coords (event, &xf, &yf);
meta_wayland_surface_get_relative_coordinates (surface, xf, yf, &xf, &yf);
*sx = wl_fixed_from_double (xf) / surface->scale;
*sy = wl_fixed_from_double (yf) / surface->scale;
*sx = wl_fixed_from_double (xf);
*sy = wl_fixed_from_double (yf);
static void
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