Commit 790bfcad authored by Owen W. Taylor's avatar Owen W. Taylor
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MetaWindow: always resize the frame first when we have synchronization

Resizing the frame triggers creation of a new backing pixmap for the
window, so we should do that first before we resize the client window
and mess up the contents of the old backing pixmap.
parent fbfab93c
......@@ -5059,12 +5059,28 @@ meta_window_move_resize_internal (MetaWindow *window,
* efficiently as possible
/* configure frame first if we grow more than we shrink
/* Normally, we configure the frame first depending on whether
* we grow the frame more than we shrink. The idea is to avoid
* messing up the window contents by having a temporary situation
* where the frame is smaller than the window. However, if we're
* cooperating with the client to create an atomic frame upate,
* and the window is redirected, then we should always update
* the frame first, since updating the frame will force a new
* backing pixmap to be allocated, and the old backing pixmap
* will be left undisturbed for us to paint to the screen until
* the client finishes redrawing.
size_dx = w - window->rect.width;
size_dy = h - window->rect.height;
if (window->extended_sync_request_counter)
configure_frame_first = TRUE;
size_dx = w - window->rect.width;
size_dy = h - window->rect.height;
configure_frame_first = (size_dx + size_dy >= 0);
configure_frame_first = size_dx + size_dy >= 0;
if (use_static_gravity)
meta_window_set_gravity (window, StaticGravity);
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