Commit 78092a40 authored by Owen W. Taylor's avatar Owen W. Taylor
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If enabling a compositor with existing windows, set them visible as necessary

When a compositor is present, we keep the visibility state of the
compositor windows in sync with window->visible_to_compositor. We need
to do the same when enabling the compositor.
parent d3df33ec
......@@ -978,7 +978,15 @@ meta_screen_composite_all_windows (MetaScreen *screen)
windows = meta_display_list_windows (display,
for (tmp = windows; tmp != NULL; tmp = tmp->next)
meta_compositor_add_window (display->compositor, tmp->data);
MetaWindow *window = tmp->data;
meta_compositor_add_window (display->compositor, window);
if (window->visible_to_compositor)
meta_compositor_show_window (display->compositor, window,
g_slist_free (windows);
/* initialize the compositor's view of the stacking order */
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