Commit 6e25c37d authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner
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window-actor: Do not request unredirection when destroyed

WindowActors can outlive their corresponding window to animate unmap.
Unredirecting the actor does not make sense in that case, so make
sure to not request it.
parent 061f4342
......@@ -1155,7 +1155,7 @@ gboolean
meta_window_actor_should_unredirect (MetaWindowActor *self)
MetaWindowActorPrivate *priv = self->priv;
if (priv->surface)
if (!meta_window_actor_is_destroyed (self) && priv->surface)
return meta_surface_actor_should_unredirect (priv->surface);
return FALSE;
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