Commit 3fa6a92c authored by Jonas Ådahl's avatar Jonas Ådahl Committed by Carlos Garnacho
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screen-cast: Fix monitor recording on HiDPI

It scaled the logical monitor rect with scale to get the stream
dimensions, but that is only valid when having
'scale-monitor-framebuffers' enabled. Even when it was, it didn't work
properly, as clutter_stage_capture_into() doesn't work properly with
scaled monitor framebuffers yet.

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...@@ -102,7 +102,11 @@ meta_screen_cast_monitor_stream_src_get_specs (MetaScreenCastStreamSrc *src, ...@@ -102,7 +102,11 @@ meta_screen_cast_monitor_stream_src_get_specs (MetaScreenCastStreamSrc *src,
logical_monitor = meta_monitor_get_logical_monitor (monitor); logical_monitor = meta_monitor_get_logical_monitor (monitor);
mode = meta_monitor_get_current_mode (monitor); mode = meta_monitor_get_current_mode (monitor);
scale = logical_monitor->scale; if (meta_is_stage_views_scaled ())
scale = logical_monitor->scale;
scale = 1.0;
*width = (int) roundf (logical_monitor->rect.width * scale); *width = (int) roundf (logical_monitor->rect.width * scale);
*height = (int) roundf (logical_monitor->rect.height * scale); *height = (int) roundf (logical_monitor->rect.height * scale);
*frame_rate = meta_monitor_mode_get_refresh_rate (mode); *frame_rate = meta_monitor_mode_get_refresh_rate (mode);
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