Commit 26b76ee9 authored by Daniel van Vugt's avatar Daniel van Vugt Committed by Jonas Ådahl

clutter/base-types: Clarify docs for point_inside_quadrilateral

The final version of the function was changed to allow points that are
touching the edge of a quadrilateral to be counted as "inside". Update
the function documentation to refect this.

Also clarify that the function is written in such a way that it is
agnostic to clockwise or anticlockwise vertex ordering.

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......@@ -592,13 +592,13 @@ clutter_point_compare_line (const ClutterPoint *p,
* clutter_point_inside_quadrilateral:
* @point: a #ClutterPoint to test
* @vertices: array of vertices of the quadrilateral, in clockwise order,
* from top-left to bottom-left
* @vertices: array of vertices of the quadrilateral, in either clockwise or
* anticlockwise order.
* Determines whether a point is inside the convex quadrilateral provided,
* and not on any of its edges or vertices.
* or on any of its edges or vertices.
* Returns: %TRUE if @point is inside the quadrilateral
* Returns: %TRUE if @point is inside or touching the quadrilateral
clutter_point_inside_quadrilateral (const ClutterPoint *point,
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