Commit 0cdf13ac authored by Olivier Fourdan's avatar Olivier Fourdan 🛠

cogl: Flush journal before blitting

Make sure to submit all pending primitives before blitting, otherwise
rendering from the shell may be incomplete leaving partial drawing of
the shell widgets.

parent 0a3f25c3
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......@@ -1374,6 +1374,11 @@ cogl_blit_framebuffer (CoglFramebuffer *src,
return FALSE;
/* Make sure any batched primitives get submitted to the driver
* before blitting
_cogl_framebuffer_flush_journal (src);
/* Make sure the current framebuffers are bound. We explicitly avoid
flushing the clip state so we can bind our own empty state */
_cogl_framebuffer_flush_state (dest,
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