1. 27 Jan, 2022 4 commits
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  8. 13 Nov, 2021 2 commits
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      Update Korean translation · 479b385f
      Seong-ho Cho authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      Add IniFile support to Wixl. · e246a4f8
      roblabla authored
      The <IniFile> tag allows creating INI files from an MSI installer. It
      works by populating two MSI tables, IniFile and RemoveIniFile, with
      the filename, section, key and values to add/remove, and scheduling two
      new steps, WriteIniValues and RemoveIniValues, when those tables are not
  9. 12 Nov, 2021 5 commits
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      Strip scheduling condition nodes. · bd25513d
      roblabla authored
      The Windows Installer parser for conditions does not like leading or
      trailing spaces. This means that fairly common constructs like
          <Custom Action='dostuff' After='InstallServices'>
              (NOT Installed) AND (NOT REMOVE)
      will have the "wrong" condition `    (NOT Installed) AND (NOT REMOVE)`,
      leading to the windows installer framework raising an error when
      executing the action.
      To avoid this, we simply strip the leading and trailing spaces of
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      Add sys.BUILDARCH preprocessor variable. · 8ad533b9
      roblabla authored
      This variable can be used to know which target we are currently building
      against (as set by the --arch argument).
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      Auto-detect RegistrySearch::Win64 with --arch flag · 8fa30eaa
      roblabla authored
      The same logic is used as for Component::Win64 auto-detection introduced
      in the previous commit.
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      Support all CustomAction Execute types properly · 0f5032c6
      roblabla authored
      This commit does two things: It sets the correct flags for all types of
      CustomAction Execute types (mostly figured through experimentation), and
      only sets NO_IMPERSONATE flag if the resulting type has the IN_SCRIPT
      type set (which is in-line with Microsoft's documentation of the
      NO_IMPERSONATE flag: It's an in-script option).
      This should allow SET_PROPERTY custom actions to work. Previously, they
      would be set to SET_PROPERTY | NO_IMPERSONATE, which is an invalid
      custom action type that Windows' msiexec would complain about.
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      Default Win64 to true on 64-bit arch · ad6981dd
      roblabla authored
      In WiX Toolset, the Component::Win64 attribute takes the correct value
      depending on the `--arch` flag being built for. The official
      documentation for Win64 says this:
      > The default value is based on the platform set by the -arch switch to
      > candle.exe or the InstallerPlatform property in a .wixproj MSBuild project:
      > For x86 and ARM, the default value is 'no'. For x64, ARM64, and IA64,
      > the default value is 'yes'.
      This commit reproduces this behavior: If Win64 is unset, it defaults to
      true when building for x64 and IA64 (WixL doesn't support ARM64 yet).
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