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      Suffix the Flatpak as ".Devel" · e688da2a
      Jordan Williams authored
      This should be the default for developer builds.
      Since this is handled in the Flatpak manifest this is fine.
      The build system should ultimately handle this naming.
      The build system should then take care to use the ".Devel" suffix.
      It should not use this suffix when the Flathub repo attempts to build.
      Of course, that's all to be handled sometime in the future.
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      Add clone command for building the Flatpak to the README · 33c29f68
      Jordan Williams authored
      There's a Git submodule, so `--recursive` is necessary.
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      Add Flatpak manifest · 7a9f3547
      Jordan Williams authored
      This commit adds a Flatpak manifest file for packaging moserial.
      The manifest is meant for making nightly builds in CI and local builds.
      It's based on the workflow used in GNOME Podcasts.
      Additional work will need to be done to implement nightly builds.
      Given GNOME's infrastructure, this will probably be easier using Meson.
      I have left that bit out for now.
      More steps may be necessary to add moserial to GNOME's Flatpak repo.
      A similar manifest should be submitted to the Flathub repository.
      This will make it more widely accessible for users to install.
      The desktop file, icon, and AppStream metadata are patched.
      Flatpak expects these files to be named with the full Flatpak name.
      So moserial.png becomes org.gnome.moserial.png and etc.
      This is not the ideal solution, nor is it complete.
      It should be able to configure names with the optional '.Devel' suffix.
      GNOME Podcasts does this with an application_id variable with Meson.
      For development, the id would become org.gnome.moserial.Devel...
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