Commit 3932b0b3 authored by Abderrahim Kitouni's avatar Abderrahim Kitouni Committed by Michael J. Chudobiak

correctly call gettext

constants translated with N_ need to call _ when used.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael J. Chudobiak <>
parent 5ac45d5b
......@@ -762,14 +762,14 @@ public class moserial.MainWindow : Gtk.Window //Have to extend Gtk.Winow to get
private void showAboutDialog () {
string license_trans = license[0] + "\n" + license[1] + "\n" + license[2];
string license_trans = _(license[0]) + "\n" + _(license[1]) + "\n" + _(license[2]);
show_about_dialog (gtkWindow,
"version", Config.VERSION,
"copyright", "Copyright © 2009-2017\nMichael J. Chudobiak\n<>",
"comments", _("A serial terminal for the GNOME desktop, optimized for logging and file capture."),
"authors", authors,
"translator-credits", translators,
"translator-credits", _(translators),
"logo-icon-name", "moserial",
"wrap-license", true,
"license", license_trans,
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ public class MoUtils : GLib.Object
foreach (string val_item in val_array) {
TreeIter iter;
Model.append(out iter);
Model.set(iter, 0, _(val_item));
CellRenderer Cell = new CellRendererText();
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