Commit 99594835 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

us: add Alltel GSM roaming-only network

Adjust the DTD to allow roaming-only networks as well (ie, ones
that don't have a native APN).
parent b6b380a1
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
<!ELEMENT provider (name+, gsm?, cdma?)>
<!ELEMENT gsm (network-id*, apn+)>
<!ELEMENT gsm (network-id*, apn*)>
<!ELEMENT apn (name*,
......@@ -6311,6 +6311,10 @@ conceived.
<!-- Former Western Wireless (roaming only) -->
<network-id mcc="310" mnc="590"/>
<!-- Assignments taken from IFAST: -->
<sid value="32"/>
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