Commit 35a1950e authored by Ilyas Bakirov's avatar Ilyas Bakirov Committed by Thomas Haller

kz: remove defunct CDMA operators with new GSM operator Altel 4G for Kazakhstan

Mobile provider Altel closed CDMA network with Pathword and Dalacom trademarks
on 01 July 2015 and switched to GSM as known as Altel 4G.

Finally Altel 4G was acquired by Tele2 on 29 February 2016 (deal closed date)
and Altel 4G trademark operates separately.

1- Kazakhstan MNC codes (,
2- Pathword and Dalacom defunct (
3- Altel acquisition by Tele2 (
4- Altel 4G and Tele2 operations (,
parent 836be04c
......@@ -7750,18 +7750,14 @@ conceived.
<name>Altel 4G</name>
<network-id mcc="401" mnc="77"/>
<apn value="internet">
<plan type="postpaid"/>
<usage type="internet"/>
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