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    Revert 0f805bfd (new default cycle_group keybinding to Alt-grave) · 7d8972f2
    Didier Roche authored
    There are two wrong assumptions there:
    - ` being above tab is surely true for some qwerty layout, but not in
      other layout like azerty (² is above the tab). We should find a clever
      way to find the key above tab
    - ` is proceeded in azerty keyboard (french layout) by <Alt Gr + è>. The
      issue is that <Shift + è> is "7". And so, "Alt + 7" (used in some
      applications like irssi, weechat, …) is <Alt + Shift + è>, which is
      the reverse order to naviguate between grouped windows, and so, you
      can't anymore access to this keybinding.
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