2.25.89 release.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=4066
parent c4d7e056
2008-12-26 Thomas Thurman <tthurman@gnome.org>
* NEWS: 2.25.89 release.
2008-12-25 Thomas Thurman <tthurman@gnome.org>
* src/include/all-keybindings.h: alt-F10 toggles maximisation,
Thanks to Yanko Kaneti, Frederic Peters, Thomas Thurman, and Colin Walters for
improvements in this version.
- The maximisation key is a toggle. (Thomas) (#343824)
- "Unmaximise" is now called "restore". (Thomas) (#343824)
- New thread handling call for gconf (Frederic) (#565517)
- Add screenshot commands back which had been removed (Yanko) (#565343)
- move_to_corner_se keybinding fixed (Thomas)
- Windows on other workspaces which attempt to present themselves
are marked as needing attention (Colin) (#482354)
- End the grab op when the user clicks the titlebar (Thomas) (#401028)
Jorge González (es)
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