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    • Kai Willadsen's avatar
    • Kai Willadsen's avatar
      Rework LinkMap as a separate gtk.DrawingArea subclass · 67972e85
      Kai Willadsen authored
      The LinkMap is the widget that draws correspondence lines between two
      panes in our FileDiff views, and provides clickable areas for
      performing actions on change blocks. This commit isolates the LinkMap
      code into its own class and overrides signals as appropriate, rather
      than dealing with all callbacks through FileDiff.
      In addition, the new LinkMap widget has improved handling of
      non-writable TextViews it is associated with, which should fulfil the
      requirements associated with merge mode.
      meld/linkmap.py: Add new LinkMap class, with most code moved and
                       adapted from the existing implementation in FileDiff.
      meld/filediff.py: Remove LinkMap code and add FileDiff/LinkMap
                        integration bits. We also move to treating the
                        window-wide keymask as a property.
      meld/filemerge.py: Remove LinkMap code; the new LinkMap should handle
                         merge mode correctly itself.
      data/ui/filediff.ui: Adjust UI file to treat LinkMap as a real widget
      meld/util/sourceviewer.py: Add some TextView-specific APIs to our proxy
                                 widget for use in LinkMap; these APIs will
                                 be used in FileDiff, but are not currently.
      meld/ui/catalog.xml: Add Glade support for LinkMap
      meld/ui/gladesupport.py: Add Glade support for LinkMap
    • Kai Willadsen's avatar
      Update DOAP file · 97dbd555
      Kai Willadsen authored
    • Jan Danielsson's avatar
      Minor enhancements to the Fossil VC plugin (closes bgo#646388) · b47fc0cc
      Jan Danielsson authored
      Add features:
      - Handle fossil's NOT_A_FILE as STATE_ERROR
      - Support more file states with revisions numbers (even though they may
        technically not be encountered without further changes).
      Fix issues:
      - Fossil supports renaming the repository metadata file "_FOSSIL_" to
        ".fos" -- support this.
      - Fossil doesn't detect an added file which has gone missing, so the
        vc-plugin could handle this special case.
      - Only ignore certain metafiles if they are in the repository root.
    • Tomasz Bury's avatar
      Fix crash when displaying svn directory containing uncommitted copies · 8d7e4aff
      Tomasz Bury authored
      There's no revision information in such case, just 'copy': True.
      To reproduce the problem sun 'svn cp existing-file new-copy; meld .'
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