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      dirdiff: Add Enter/Return as an accelerator for Compare (#262) · d47a5870
      Kai Willadsen authored
      The intention here was for this to essentially be a documentation
      change, i.e., so that users can see that the shortcut exists. In
      reality, this is a behaviour change when hitting enter on a folder row.
      Previously, this would expand/collapse the row because it was a treeview
      row activation signal and that seemed like a reasonable thing to do.
      This is still what will happen on actual row activation (i.e., double-
      clicking a folder row), but now hitting enter will activate the Compare
      action and will create a new folder comparison when activating a folder
      I don't think either of these options are obviously better than the
      other, so I'm going to go with this new behaviour for now.
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      dirdiff: Fix menu focus issues by removing a *lot* of code · 4e46baee
      Kai Willadsen authored
      The actual reason I went to change this was that if you tried to use the
      menu bar items, the main actions (i.e., compare, copy, delete) were all
      insensitive. This happens because we unset their sensitivity on treeview
      focus loss. I suspect that the intention here was to keep consistent
      action state, but in reality we can just invoke the action based on the
      last focus pane, which is what the user expects.
      When doing this, I found that the focus handler block/unblock around
      popup handling was doing nothing useful, and then that the popup menu
      handling was actually slightly confused with the custom filter menu
      code, so... now it's mostly deleted.
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      filediff: Fix change deletion shortcut for non-keypad deletes · 3604009b
      Kai Willadsen authored
      This was broken by 30bd3231, because you can't actually expect multiple
      accelerators to work.
      The change here is kind of unpleasant. Really, it would be nice if
      this was a generic helper that ran on focus, probably as part of MeldDoc
      handling... but that's very overkill for this one accelerator.
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