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    • Kai Willadsen's avatar
      maint: Add a command for appveyor build triggers · ab7d7dc9
      Kai Willadsen authored
      This exists partially for testing, but mostly because the current
      fragmentation between github and gitlab messes with out build pipeline,
      and so we don't actually get a simple build off a tag. This makes it
      easy to rebuild a tag after the fact so that we can get a usable binary.
    • Kai Willadsen's avatar
      data: Remove "comments" from the flatpak JSON · 4716a6cb
      Kai Willadsen authored
      Flatpak handles these perfectly well, but I feel like the limited
      benefit here is outweighed by it... not being valid JSON.
  9. 25 May, 2018 2 commits
  10. 16 May, 2018 1 commit
    • Vasily Galkin's avatar
      win32: remove workaround for font backend · 08dca620
      Vasily Galkin authored
      It turns out that explicitely setting font backend on win32
      is only useful for pygobjectwin32 PangoCairo builds because
      in vanilla PangoCairo win32 backend is default on windows and
      changing default to fontconfig was patch included in pygobjectwin32 since
      >16/4/2015 rev16:
      >- PangoCairo: favor fontconfig over win32 fontmap by default,
      >this would overcome "Pango Warning:... expect ugly output"
      Recent libraries update in msys2-mingw64 breaks current code
      (according to https://github.com/Alexpux/MINGW-packages/pull/3611
      the breakage reason is PangoCairo.Win32FontMap being private)
      While meld code can be modified to use non-private API it looks
      unneeded since meld requires gtk 3.20 and pygobjectwin32 builds stalled
      with gtk 3.18 and can't run current meld 3.19+
      So font backend setting is removed.
      Also package presence check is removed
      since there in no other explicit uses in meld.
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