1. 20 Dec, 2011 1 commit
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      Draw currently displayed page area in DiffMap (closes bgo#470729) · 3855a4fc
      Kai Willadsen authored
      While ideally the scrollbar thumb should give a decent indication of
      the location and size of the current viewing pane in terms of the
      whole file, it doesn't always correspond very well. For example, in
      long files, the scroll thumb will not shrink below a certain size for
      usability purposes, which damages its use as an indicator.
      This commit introduces a relatively subtle overlay on our DiffMaps to
      show which part of the file is currently being displayed.
  2. 16 Dec, 2011 2 commits
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  11. 15 Nov, 2011 2 commits
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      Updated Polish translation · c1630cda
      Piotr Drąg authored
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      Fix git file comparison with mnemonic prefixes (closes bgo#663050) · d3530fa9
      Aaron Schrab authored
      If the git config setting diff.mnemonicprefix is set, that causes git
      diff to use prefixes that indicate what is being compared rather than
      always using "a" and "b". For the way that meld invokes git diff, the
      prefixes will always be "c" for commit (HEAD) and and "w" for the work
      tree. This confuses the patch parser and prevents the modified files
      from being copied to the temporary directory, which then results in
      patch failing to reverse the changes.
      This patch fixes this by modifying the regular expression used to find
      index entries in the patch to accept "c" and "w" as prefixes as well as
      "a" and "b".
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  18. 17 Oct, 2011 1 commit
    • Kai Willadsen's avatar
      Assume same file type if not available for all files (closes bgo#658407) · 57c8bfa3
      Kai Willadsen authored
      For the purpose of syntax highlighting, we always try to determine the
      mime type of files, currently using only the filename. In situations
      where the filename tells us nothing, we can reasonably assume that all
      files have the same type.
      This commit changes our behaviour so that, if we get one useful file
      type, we use it to fill in missing file types in the remaining files.
      This should specifically help with cases where temporary files are
      given different extensions. e.g., TortoiseSVN uses .mine, .working, etc.