Commit fe441b99 authored by Kai Willadsen's avatar Kai Willadsen

Add action to cycle between panes in FileDiff (closes bgo#626186)

One of the last pieces for allowing keyboard-only merging is being able
to cycle between panes. This commit adds an action to the View menu
that allows this.

The tricky decision to be made in this feature is where to place the
cursor when changing panes. The previous cursor location will often be
irrelevant to the user's current action, and is a bad default. In the
common case, we simply guess which line in the moved-to chunk
corresponds to the current line in the current chunk.

In order to avoid disturbing in-progress editing that may be going on,
we leave the cursor in place if it is already in the moved-to chunk.
parent 51cff25e
......@@ -38,6 +38,9 @@
<placeholder name="ViewUtilityPlaceholder">
<menuitem action="LockScrolling"/>
<placeholder name="ViewDocSpecificPlaceholder">
<menuitem action="CycleDocuments" />
......@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@
<menu action="VcStatus" />
<menu action="FileFilters" />
<placeholder name="ViewDocSpecificPlaceholder" />
<menuitem action="Stop" />
<menuitem action="Refresh" />
<menuitem action="Reload" />
......@@ -281,6 +281,7 @@ class FileDiff(melddoc.MeldDoc, gnomeglade.Component):
("MergeFromLeft", None, _("Merge all changes from left"), None, _("Merge all non-conflicting changes from the left"), lambda x: self.pull_all_non_conflicting_changes(-1)),
("MergeFromRight", None, _("Merge all changes from right"), None, _("Merge all non-conflicting changes from the right"), lambda x: self.pull_all_non_conflicting_changes(1)),
("MergeAll", None, _("Merge all non-conflicting"), None, _("Merge all non-conflicting changes from left and right panes"), lambda x: self.merge_all_non_conflicting_changes()),
("CycleDocuments", None, _("Cycle through documents"), "<control>Escape", _("Move keyboard focus to the next document in this comparison"), self.action_cycle_documents),
toggle_actions = (
......@@ -555,6 +556,104 @@ class FileDiff(melddoc.MeldDoc, gnomeglade.Component):
assert(chunk is not None)
self.delete_chunk(pane, chunk)
def _synth_chunk(self, pane0, pane1, line):
"""Returns the Same chunk that would exist at
the given location if we didn't remove Same chunks"""
# This method is a hack around our existing diffutil data structures;
# getting rid of the Same chunk removal is difficult, as several places
# have baked in the assumption of only being given changed blocks.
buf0, buf1 = self.textbuffer[pane0], self.textbuffer[pane1]
start0, end0 = 0, buf0.get_line_count() - 1
start1, end1 = 0, buf1.get_line_count() - 1
# This hack is required when pane0's prev/next chunk doesn't exist
# (i.e., is Same) between pane0 and pane1.
prev_chunk0, prev_chunk1, next_chunk0, next_chunk1 = (None,) * 4
_, prev, next = self.linediffer.locate_chunk(pane0, line)
if prev is not None:
while prev >= 0:
prev_chunk0 = self.linediffer.get_chunk(prev, pane0, pane1)
prev_chunk1 = self.linediffer.get_chunk(prev, pane1, pane0)
if None not in (prev_chunk0, prev_chunk1):
start0 = prev_chunk0[2]
start1 = prev_chunk1[2]
prev -= 1
if next is not None:
while next < self.linediffer.diff_count():
next_chunk0 = self.linediffer.get_chunk(next, pane0, pane1)
next_chunk1 = self.linediffer.get_chunk(next, pane1, pane0)
if None not in (next_chunk0, next_chunk1):
end0 = next_chunk0[1]
end1 = next_chunk1[1]
next += 1
return "Same", start0, end0, start1, end1
def _corresponding_chunk_line(self, chunk, line, pane, new_pane):
"""Approximates the corresponding line between panes"""
old_buf, new_buf = self.textbuffer[pane], self.textbuffer[new_pane]
# Special-case cross-pane jumps
if (pane == 0 and new_pane == 2) or (pane == 2 and new_pane == 0):
proxy = self._corresponding_chunk_line(chunk, line, pane, 1)
return self._corresponding_chunk_line(chunk, proxy, 1, new_pane)
# Either we are currently in a identifiable chunk, or we are in a Same
# chunk; if we establish the start/end of that chunk in both panes, we
# can figure out what our new offset should be.
cur_chunk = None
if chunk is not None:
cur_chunk = self.linediffer.get_chunk(chunk, pane, new_pane)
if cur_chunk is None:
cur_chunk = self._synth_chunk(pane, new_pane, line)
cur_start, cur_end, new_start, new_end = cur_chunk[1:5]
# If the new buffer's current cursor is already in the correct chunk,
# assume that we have in-progress editing, and don't move it.
cursor_it = new_buf.get_iter_at_mark(new_buf.get_insert())
cursor_line = cursor_it.get_line()
cursor_chunk, _, _ = self.linediffer.locate_chunk(new_pane, cursor_line)
if cursor_chunk is not None:
already_in_chunk = cursor_chunk == chunk
cursor_chunk = self._synth_chunk(pane, new_pane, cursor_line)
already_in_chunk = cursor_chunk[3] == new_start and \
cursor_chunk[4] == new_end
if already_in_chunk:
new_line = cursor_line
# Guess where to put the cursor: in the same chunk, at about the
# same place within the chunk, calculated proportionally by line.
# Insert chunks and one-line chunks are placed at the top.
if cur_end == cur_start:
chunk_offset = 0.0
chunk_offset = (line - cur_start) / float(cur_end - cur_start)
new_line = new_start + int(chunk_offset * (new_end - new_start))
return new_line
def action_cycle_documents(self, widget):
pane = self._get_focused_pane()
new_pane = (pane + 1) % self.num_panes
chunk, line = self.cursor.chunk, self.cursor.line
new_line = self._corresponding_chunk_line(chunk, line, pane, new_pane)
new_buf = self.textbuffer[new_pane]
self.textview[new_pane].scroll_to_mark(new_buf.get_insert(), 0.1)
def on_textview_focus_in_event(self, view, event):
self.textview_focussed = view
self.findbar.textview = view
......@@ -1402,6 +1501,7 @@ class FileDiff(melddoc.MeldDoc, gnomeglade.Component):
map( lambda x: x.hide(), tohide )
self.actiongroup.get_action("MakePatch").set_sensitive(n > 1)
self.actiongroup.get_action("CycleDocuments").set_sensitive(n > 1)
def coords_iter(i):
buf_index = 2 if i == 1 and self.num_panes == 3 else i
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