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data/icons: Add a README explaining the status of our icons

parent cd7aa4f0
Meld's icon situation is an unfortunate confusion of legacy and new-ish
All of the icons in the top-level icon folder should be considered
legacy. Some, like the VC actions, should be replaced with modern, symbolic
alternatives. Others, like the filter icons, should probably be removed and
their respective UI elements reworked.
Icons in the hicolor folder are more recently updated, and mostly follow
the spec.
Application icons
* The reference icon is the SVG at hicolor/scalable/apps/meld.svg. It is
designed on a 48x48 canvas, but given the nature of the Meld icon's design,
scales fairly well to higher resolutions.
* The 48x48 icon is exported from the reference SVG.
* The 32x32 icon is exported from an old SVG; the new one could be used but
requires some simplification and border trimming.
* The 16x16 and 22x22 icons are exported from old XCF files. They should be
updated based on the reference SVG.
Action icons
The change action icons in hicolor/16x16/actions are all used and have been
recently updated. These are extremely simple icons, but we would ideally have
these at additional sizes for different file comparison line heights.
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