Commit b4860104 authored by Kai Willadsen's avatar Kai Willadsen

filters: Stop pretending to care about underscore-prefixing

No one is importing this, and if they are then that's on them.
parent c99a2dd7
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ class FilterEntry:
self.filter_string = filter_string
def _compile_regex(cls, regex, byte_regex=False):
def compile_regex(cls, regex, byte_regex=False):
if byte_regex and not isinstance(regex, bytes):
# TODO: Register a custom error handling function to replace
# encoding errors with '.'?
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ class FilterEntry:
return try_compile(regex, re.M)
def _compile_shell_pattern(cls, pattern):
def compile_shell_pattern(cls, pattern):
bits = pattern.split()
if not bits:
# An empty pattern would match everything, so skip it
......@@ -69,10 +69,10 @@ class FilterEntry:
def new_from_gsetting(cls, elements, filter_type):
name, active, filter_string = elements
if filter_type == cls.REGEX:
str_re = cls._compile_regex(filter_string)
bytes_re = cls._compile_regex(filter_string, byte_regex=True)
str_re = cls.compile_regex(filter_string)
bytes_re = cls.compile_regex(filter_string, byte_regex=True)
elif filter_type == cls.SHELL:
str_re = cls._compile_shell_pattern(filter_string)
str_re = cls.compile_shell_pattern(filter_string)
bytes_re = None
raise ValueError("Unknown filter type")
......@@ -83,9 +83,9 @@ class FilterEntry:
def check_filter(cls, filter_string, filter_type):
if filter_type == cls.REGEX:
compiled = cls._compile_regex(filter_string)
compiled = cls.compile_regex(filter_string)
elif filter_type == cls.SHELL:
compiled = cls._compile_shell_pattern(filter_string)
compiled = cls.compile_shell_pattern(filter_string)
return compiled is not None
def __copy__(self):
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