Commit a173c16e authored by Kai Willadsen's avatar Kai Willadsen

maint: Add tag and dist commands

parent 18eea7b8
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ import os
import subprocess
import click
from jinja2 import Environment, Template
from jinja2 import Environment
import meld.conf
......@@ -218,6 +218,16 @@ def render_template(template):
def call_with_output(cmd, stdin_text=None, echo_stdout=True):
PIPE = subprocess.PIPE
with subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE) as proc:
stdout, stderr = proc.communicate(stdin_text, timeout=10)
if stdout and echo_stdout:
click.echo('\n' + stdout.decode('utf-8'))
if stderr or proc.returncode:
click.secho('\n' + stderr.decode('utf-8'), fg='red')
def cli():
......@@ -225,21 +235,74 @@ def cli():
def news():
news = render_template(NEWS_TEMPLATE)
rendered = render_template(NEWS_TEMPLATE)
def email():
news = render_template(EMAIL_TEMPLATE)
rendered = render_template(EMAIL_TEMPLATE)
def markdown():
news = render_template(MARKDOWN_TEMPLATE)
rendered = render_template(MARKDOWN_TEMPLATE)
def dist():
archive = '%s-%s.tar.bz2' % (meld.conf.__package__, meld.conf.__version__)
dist_archive_path = os.path.abspath(os.path.join('dist', archive))
if os.path.exists(dist_archive_path):
click.echo('Replacing %s...' % dist_archive_path)
cmd = ['python', '', 'sdist', '--formats=bztar']
call_with_output(cmd, echo_stdout=False)
if not os.path.exists(dist_archive_path):
raise click.Abort('Failed to create archive file %s')
return dist_archive_path
def tag():
last_release = get_last_release_tag()
click.echo('\nLast release tag was: ', nl=False)
click.secho(last_release, fg='green', bold=True)
click.echo('New release tag will be: ', nl=False)
click.secho(meld.conf.__version__, fg='green', bold=True)
click.confirm('\nTag this release?', default=True, abort=True)
news_text = render_template(NEWS_TEMPLATE).encode('utf-8')
# FIXME: Should be signing tags
cmd = ['git', 'tag', '-a', '--file=-', meld.conf.__version__]
call_with_output(cmd, news_text)
click.echo('Tagged %s' % meld.conf.__version__)
cmd = ['git', 'show', '-s', meld.conf.__version__]
call_with_output(cmd, echo_stdout=True)
confirm = click.confirm('\nPush this tag?', default=True)
if not confirm:
cmd = ['git', 'push', '--dry-run', 'origin', meld.conf.__version__]
call_with_output(cmd, echo_stdout=True)
def make_release(ctx):
# Pull
# Write news, add news to NEWS, commit, push
archive_path = ctx.forward(dist)
# Copy tarball to master, ssh in and run ftpadmin install
# Windows binaries
# Create 2 draft emails
# Create markdown NEWS section
# Version bump, commit, push
if __name__ == '__main__':
# FIXME: Should include sanity check that we're at the top level of the
# project
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