Commit 744de362 authored by Kai Willadsen's avatar Kai Willadsen

ui.statusbar: Add some missed translatable strings and disambiguate one

parent 6dd36bba
......@@ -2,19 +2,19 @@
<menu id="statusbar-menu">
<attribute name="label">Show line numbers</attribute>
<attribute name="label" translatable="yes">Show line numbers</attribute>
<attribute name="action">show-line-numbers</attribute>
<attribute name="label">Show whitespace</attribute>
<attribute name="label" translatable="yes">Show whitespace</attribute>
<attribute name="action">draw-spaces-bool</attribute>
<attribute name="label">Highlight current line</attribute>
<attribute name="label" translatable="yes">Highlight current line</attribute>
<attribute name="action">highlight-current-line-local</attribute>
<attribute name="label">Text wrapping</attribute>
<attribute name="label" translatable="yes">Text wrapping</attribute>
<attribute name="action">wrap-mode-bool</attribute>
......@@ -277,6 +277,8 @@ class MeldStatusBar(Gtk.Statusbar):
button = MeldStatusMenuButton()
# TRANSLATORS: This is the status bar label for a group of settings,
# such as text wrapping, show line numbers, whitespace, etc.
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