Commit 636a513b authored by Ryuta Fujii's avatar Ryuta Fujii Committed by Administrator

Update Japanese translation

parent 0d221af8
......@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: meld master\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2019-01-22 11:04+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2019-01-22 20:11+0900\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2019-01-22 11:13+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2019-01-22 21:59+0900\n"
"Last-Translator: sicklylife <>\n"
"Language-Team: Japanese <>\n"
"Language: ja\n"
......@@ -1903,7 +1903,7 @@ msgid ""
"Please consider copying any critical changes to another program or file to "
"avoid data loss."
msgstr ""
#: ../meld/
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