Commit 23f5bcb7 authored by steve9000's avatar steve9000

Remove debugging printfs

parent 443dcc3d
......@@ -130,13 +130,14 @@ class Differ:
hirange = diffs[hiidx-1][4], diffs[hiidx-1][2]
hirange = self.seqlength[x], self.seqlength[1]
print "diffs", loidx, hiidx, len(diffs), lorange, hirange #diffs[loidx], diffs[hiidx-1]
#print "diffs", loidx, hiidx, len(diffs), lorange, hirange #diffs[loidx], diffs[hiidx-1]
rangex = lorange[0], hirange[0] + lines_added[x]
range1 = lorange[1], hirange[1] + lines_added[1]
#print "^^^^^", rangex, range1
assert rangex[0] <= rangex[1] and range1[0] <= range1[1]
linesx = getlines(x, rangex[0], rangex[1])
lines1 = getlines(1, range1[0], range1[1])
print "<<<\n%s\n===\n%s\n>>>" % ("\n".join(linesx),"\n".join(lines1))
#print "<<<\n%s\n===\n%s\n>>>" % ("\n".join(linesx),"\n".join(lines1))
newdiffs = IncrementalSequenceMatcher( None, lines1, linesx).get_difference_opcodes()
newdiffs = [ (c[0], c[1]+range1[0],c[2]+range1[0], c[3]+rangex[0],c[4]+rangex[0]) for c in newdiffs]
if hiidx < len(self.diffs[which]):
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