Commit 02b3daf3 authored by Kai Willadsen's avatar Kai Willadsen

filediff: Add pane-specific reload prompt when changing file selectors

This is dealing with the same problem as the previous commit, but when
using the file selectors to change the file loaded in to a single pane.
parent 37a8908c
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......@@ -825,11 +825,12 @@ class FileDiff(MeldDoc, Component):
self._after_text_modified(buf, starting_at, -self.lines_removed)
self.lines_removed = 0
def check_save_modified(self):
def check_save_modified(self, buffers=None):
response = Gtk.ResponseType.OK
modified = [b.get_modified() for b in self.textbuffer[:self.num_panes]]
labels = [ for b in self.textbuffer[:self.num_panes]]
if True in modified:
buffers = buffers or self.textbuffer[:self.num_panes]
modified = [b.get_modified() for b in buffers]
labels = [ for b in buffers]
if any(modified):
dialog = Component("filediff.ui", "check_save_dialog")
message_area = dialog.widget.get_message_area()
......@@ -1691,11 +1692,12 @@ class FileDiff(MeldDoc, Component):
def on_fileentry_file_set(self, entry):
pane = self.fileentry[:self.num_panes].index(entry)
if self.check_save_modified() != Gtk.ResponseType.CANCEL:
buffer = self.textbuffer[pane]
if self.check_save_modified([buffer]) != Gtk.ResponseType.CANCEL:
# TODO: Use encoding file selectors in FileDiff
self.set_file(pane, entry.get_file())
existing_path = self.textbuffer[pane].data.filename
existing_path =
return True
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