Commit fecf0e63 authored by Vasily Galkin's avatar Vasily Galkin Committed by Kai Willadsen

Remove override of XDG_DATA_DIRS for uninstalled mode (BGO#791173)

According to commit log it was introduced in 4d84c257
Enable Mallard-based help from within Meld

But since that the uninstalled version switched to unconditionally
showing web-based help. All other meld files (css, ui, icons, styles and
schemas) are explicitly loaded from meld.conf.DATADIR for unistalled
mode. So it looks unnecessary now.

For msys2 overrideing XDG_DATA_DIRS leads to problems since it is
preferred over internally computed prefix and glib fails to find
schemas. Not overriding XDG_DATA_DIRS seems ok: all meld icons shows
fine, change highlighting works too.
parent 970c0f41
......@@ -44,12 +44,6 @@ def uninstalled():
# This first bit should be unnecessary, but some things (GTK icon theme
# location, GSettings schema location) don't fall back correctly.
data_dir = os.environ.get('XDG_DATA_DIRS', "/usr/local/share/:/usr/share/")
data_dir = ":".join((melddir, data_dir))
os.environ['XDG_DATA_DIRS'] = data_dir
def ui_file(filename):
return os.path.join(DATADIR, "ui", filename)
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