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      Makefile: work around AX_REQUIRE_DEFINED problem · c0f3c75e
      Allison Karlitskaya authored
      We check to make sure that we properly include all needed .m4 files that
      are used from other .m4 files we install by building a list of all
      references and checking to make sure those are all actually defined.
      This has been tripped up by this macro definition in
        [m4_ifdef([_AX_COMPILER_FLAGS_LANG_]$1[_enabled], [],
                  [m4_define([_AX_COMPILER_FLAGS_LANG_]$1[_enabled], [])dnl
      which tries to depend on a macro with a name calculated from its
      Our simple regexp matching decides that AX_COMPILER_FLAGS_ is the name
      of the required macro here, and that is not defined anywhere, so the
      build fails.
      Update the regexp not to match macro names ending with an underscore in
      order to work around the issue for now.
      I tried to use m4 to expand the file, but it seems that it doesn't work
      because the invocations are protected by the [quoting] used in AC_-style
      macro invocations.  Maybe we can find a better way to fix this in the
      future, but this approach works for now.
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      update autoconf-archive · 1522f1f5
      Allison Karlitskaya authored
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