1. 11 Nov, 2019 4 commits
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  4. 02 Nov, 2019 2 commits
    • Dmitry V. Levin's avatar
      xml2-config.in: fix regressions introduced by commit 2f2bf4b2 · 29740ed1
      Dmitry V. Levin authored
      One of regressions introduced by commit
      2f2bf4b2 aka v2.9.10-rc1~56 is that
      cflags and libs variables are used uninitialized, resulting to
      the following behaviour:
      $ cflags=foo libs=bar sh ./xml2-config.in --prefix
      foo bar
      Another regression is that the test for these variables is flawed.
      Fixes: 2f2bf4b2 ("xml2-config.in: Output CFLAGS and LIBS on the same line")
    • Nick Wellnhofer's avatar
      Enable more undefined behavior sanitizers · db0c0450
      Nick Wellnhofer authored
      Minor fix to xmlStringLenGetNodeList to avoid a pointer overflow
      during API test.
      Enable pointer-overflow and unsigned-integer-overflow sanitizers in CI
      tests. Technically, unsigned integer overflows aren't undefined
      behavior, but they typically indicate programming errors. Some hash
      functions that really require unsigned integer overflows have already
      been annotated.
  5. 30 Oct, 2019 1 commit
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  9. 20 Oct, 2019 4 commits
    • Nick Wellnhofer's avatar
      Update GitLab CI config · 55d95dcf
      Nick Wellnhofer authored
      - Update Dockerfile
      - Don't configure with -Werror
      - Don't mention Travis in CONTRIBUTING
    • Nick Wellnhofer's avatar
      Audit memory error handling in xpath.c · bfc0f674
      Nick Wellnhofer authored
      Memory allocation errors in the following functions a often ignored.
      Add TODO comments.
      - xmlXPathNodeSetCreate
      - xmlXPathNodeSetAdd*
      - xmlXPathNodeSetMerge*
      - xmlXPathNodeSetDupNs
      Note that the following functions currently lack a way to propagate
      memory errors:
      - xmlXPathCompareNodeSets
      - xmlXPathEqualNodeSets
    • Nick Wellnhofer's avatar
      Propagate memory errors in valuePush · 429d4eca
      Nick Wellnhofer authored
      Currently, many memory allocation errors in xpath.c aren't propagated to
      the parser/evaluation context and for the most part ignored. Most
      XPath objects allocated via one of the New, Wrap or Copy functions end
      up being pushed on the stack, so adding a check in valuePush handles
      many cases without much effort.
      Also simplify the code a little and make sure to return -1 in case of
    • Nick Wellnhofer's avatar
      Propagate memory errors in xmlXPathCompExprAdd · 390f05e7
      Nick Wellnhofer authored
      Make sure that memory errors in xmlXPathCompExprAdd are propagated to
      the parser context. Hitting the step limit or running out of memory
      without raising an error could also lead to an out-of-bounds read.
      Also fixes a memory leak in xmlXPathErrMemory.
      Found by OSS-Fuzz.
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