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    Fix an old bug in xmlSchemaValidateOneElement · 1f6c42cf
    Csaba László authored
    Recently I have run into the very same problem Tiberius Duluman did back in
    Wed, 13 May 2009 15:56:55 +0300 ([xml] Bug in xmlSchemaValidateOneElement
    function). Now I can proof now that his problem is a valid problem. I checked
    the latest available version of xmlschemas.c (2.9.0.) and the problem is still
    I think I have found a solution to the problem which I'd like proof with you:
    My quick solution to the problem is to replace line 27849 in
    (v2.9.0.) in function xmlSchemaVDocWalk
        valRoot = xmlDocGetRootElement(vctxt->doc);
    with this one:
        valRoot = vctxt->validationRoot ? vctxt->validationRoot : xmlDocGetRootElement(vctxt->doc);
    Currently I'm using version 2.7.8. in Windows and this change seems to solve
    the problem.
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