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    Bunch of new parser cleanup work: · e0854c3f
    Daniel Veillard authored
    - SAX.c tree.c debugXML.c: fixed bogus behaviour when an
      undeclared namespace prefix was used, added a warning.
      Cleaned up support w.r.t. entities, spilling out a warning
      and being pedantic on lookups.
    - test/warning/ent9 : added testcase for previous example.
    - TODO: updated
    - parserInternals.h parser.c: changed the way names are parsed
      now allow infinite size and decrease penalty for normal use
    - parser.c: Started a big cleanup/check of the parser code,
      fixed some of the most tortuous entity code, spotted code
      unused anymore
    - test/*: added tests for very long names and related nasty
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