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CMake: Enable tests

Markus Rickert requested to merge rickert/libxml2:cmake-enable-tests into master

This PR includes the required patches to CMake and runtest.c from libxslt#40 (closed) for enabling the libxml2 tests via CTest:

  • The tests runxmlconf, testapi, testchar, testdict, testrecurse, runtest, and testThreads are enabled
  • A .gitattributes is added to set the line endings for the test files to LF in case autocrlf is used
  • runtest.c now has a command-line option --out for specifying the temp directory via to enable out-of-source builds
  • The working directory of the XML Conformance Test Suite can be set via LIBXML2_XMLCONF_WORKING_DIR
  • The file is updated to match the current autotools version in order to support building on MSYS2
  • The CMake project language is set to C

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