xmlValidatePopElement() can return invalid value (-1)

Covered by: test/VC/ElementValid5

This only affects XML Reader API with LIBXML_REGEXP_ENABLED and LIBXML_VALID_ENABLED turned on.

  • result/VC/ElementValid5.rdr:
  • Update result to add missing error message.
  • result/VC/ElementValid6.rdr:
  • Update result to fix grammar issue.
  • result/VC/ElementValid7.rdr: Ditto.
  • result/valid/781333.xml.err.rdr: Ditto.
  • valid.c: (xmlValidatePopElement):
  • Check return value of xmlRegExecPushString() to handle -1, and assign 'ret = 0;' to return 0 from xmlValidatePopElement(). This change affects xmlTextReaderValidatePop() from xmlreader.c.
  • Fix grammar of error message by changing 'child' to 'children'.

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