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      More cleanups to the documentation part of libxml2 · 6842ee81
      Daniel Richard G authored
      * Build what's in doc/ before doc/devhelp/, as the dependency graph flows
         that way
      * Add "--path $(srcdir)" so that xsltproc can find DTDs in srcdir
      * Replaced $(top_srcdir)/doc with an equivalent $(srcdir)
      * Qualified libxml2-api.xml with $(srcdir) as it's always generated there
      * Rewrote the dependencies for libxml2-api.xml so that xmlversion.h
         doesn't throw everything off
      * Use Automake constructs to install the HTML files instead of an
         install-data-local rule
      * Reorganized the file a bit (hello whitespace!)
      * EXTRA_DIST doesn't need to list so many files now that dist_devhelp_DATA
         is being used
      * Only print "Rebuilding devhelp files" if rebuilding is actually
      * Make the "this file is auto-generated" banner more prominent
      * Autotools updates: Use AM_CPPFLAGS/AM_CFLAGS instead of INCLUDES
      * Got rid of DEPS as it's not needed (Automake already sees the dependency
         on libxml2.la by way of LDADD(S))
      * Replaced LDADDS with LDADD, which is applied to all programs listed
         in the file. Since all the test programs have the same link
         dependencies, this way is more concise yet equivalent.
      * Remove the *.tmp files via "make clean" instead of having the test
         programs do it themselves (more on this later)
      * Invoke index.py in srcdir, as it pretty much needs to run there
      * Restructured the index.html rule so that only the xmllint invocation is
         allowed to fail
      * Use $(MKDIR_P) instead of $(mkinstalldirs), $(VAR) instead of @VAR@
      * Remove symlinks for test?.xml in an out-of-source build
      * Sort lists for neatness
      * Better formatting for EXTRA_DIST and noinst_PROGRAMS variables
      * Simplified the Automake bits printed for each program: *_LDFLAGS doesn't
         need to be specified as it's empty anyway, *_DEPENDENCIES is redundant,
         *_LDADD isn't needed due to the global LDADD
      * Added a bit that symlinks in test?.xml from srcdir in out-of-source
         builds. This allows the reader4 test to read these files in the current
         directory, which ensures that the output always looks the same (i.e.
         does not contain references to srcdir)
      * Don't hide the test program invocation (or else it's hard to tell which
         test failed), and don't use superfluous parentheses
      * NOTE: If you check in these changes, be sure to run this script and also
         check in the updated files that it generates!
      * Updated the test: lines so that
         + "&&" is used to separate commands instead of ";" so that errors are
           not masked
         + reference files are qualified with $(srcdir)/
         + no "rm" takes place -- these are a problem because (1) if a test
           fails, it's useful to have the output file ready for inspection; (2)
           the "rm" invocation masks a potential non-zero exit status from diff
           (This is why I added the CLEANFILES line above)
      * Updated this ref file so that the test passes. (This is correct, right?)
      * Changed this back to its original form, as the symlinking of test?.xml
         means this file no longer has to contain path prefixes on the filenames
      * Changed the output filenames to *.tmp instead of *.res, partly for
         consistency, partly to not have to add special cases to CLEANFILES
      * Removed the "./" prefix on the test invocation, which is redundant as
         index.py already adds one
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