Commit ea695ac0 authored by Jan Pokorný's avatar Jan Pokorný Committed by Nick Wellnhofer

Fix unability to RelaxNG-validate grammar with choice-based name class

Previously, test/relaxng/ambig_name-class2.xml would fail to validate
against test/relaxng/ambig_name-class2.rng:

> test/relaxng/ambig_name-class2.rng:4:
>   element attribute: Relax-NG parser error :
>       Found anyName attribute without oneOrMore ancestor
> Relax-NG schema test/relaxng/ambig_name-class2.rng failed to compile
Signed-off-by: default avatarJan Pokorný <>
parent 8074b881
......@@ -6395,7 +6395,10 @@ xmlRelaxNGCheckRules(xmlRelaxNGParserCtxtPtr ctxt,
&& (cur->name == NULL)) {
&& cur->name == NULL
/* following is checking alternative name class readiness
in case it went the "choice" route */
&& cur->nameClass == NULL) {
if (cur->ns == NULL) {
xmlRngPErr(ctxt, cur->node, XML_RNGP_ANYNAME_ATTR_ANCESTOR,
"Found anyName attribute without oneOrMore ancestor\n",
./test/relaxng/ambig_name-class2.rng validates
\ No newline at end of file
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