Commit e9f0811a authored by Aleksey Sanin's avatar Aleksey Sanin
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make xmlReallocLoc() accept NULL pointer

parent 1516d5b3
Thu Jan 22 14:17:05 2004 Aleksey Sanin <>
* xmlmemory.c: make xmlReallocLoc() accept NULL pointer
Thu Jan 22 08:26:20 CET 2004 Daniel Veillard <>
* xmlschemastypes.c: applied patch from John Belmonte for
......@@ -310,9 +310,10 @@ xmlReallocLoc(void *ptr,size_t size, const char * file, int line)
unsigned long number;
if (!xmlMemInitialized) xmlInitMemory();
if (ptr == NULL)
return(xmlMallocLoc(size, file, line));
if (!xmlMemInitialized) xmlInitMemory();
p = CLIENT_2_HDR(ptr);
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