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Update information about contributing

The contents of the HACKING file were hopelessly outdated. Remove the
file and start with a CONTRIBUTING document.
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The current version of the code can be found in the GNOME Git Repository:
There's mirror on GitHub:
Start discussions and send patches to the mailing list, or file a bug and
add a patch as attachment.
Format patches with git-format-patch and use plain text attachments
if possible.
All code must conform to C89 and pass the "make check" tests. Avoid
compiler warnings and add regression tests if possible.
The .travis.yml file can be used to thoroughly check the build with strict
compiler flags, ASan and UBSan. Fork the libxml2 mirror on GitHub and set
up Travis to test the commits you make on your fork.
- the head of this module is package libxml-2 . There is incompatibilities
with the old libxml-1 headers. I posted on gnome-hackers a recipe to
change your code to compile with both, check it out ! Also read
- in the meantime the old 1.x code has been tagged with LIB_XML_1_BRANCH
extract this version and drop me a mail if you want me to take care of
the update of your module to libxml-2 <>
- the 1.x branch has a separate commit policy, please check the HACKING
file for this branch
Rules for commits on the gnome-xml module
In the exceptional case where a serious breakage in this module
prevents other core projects from making progress, then feel free
to patch first and send mail afterward as long as the changes are limited.
Please keep in mind that a large part of my user base is on Windows, so
be careful with potential portability problems there.
Otherwise, send me ( a mail and if it's a bug
issue, register it at (module libxml). I check both
my mail and the bug database on a regular basis. If you don't get an
answer within a week (which is highly unprobable) then commit your changes.
This simply mean that I'm on holliday or on the road.
thanks in advance for following the rule,
P.S.: Bjorn Reese, William Brack, Thomas Broyer, Igor Zlatkovic and
Aleksey Sanin get an exception for the send before commit rule
as well as John Fleck for the doc maintenance Send them mail if
I don't answer to request in a timely fashion
Please read the HACKING file for instructions
Please read the CONTRIBUTING file for instructions
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ fi
# Copy some documentation files if needed.
for TEXT in "${TOPDIR}/AUTHORS" "${TOPDIR}/ChangeLog" \
do if [ -f "${TEXT}" ]
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