Commit afbca8e2 authored by Daniel Veillard's avatar Daniel Veillard

Dump some possible optimizations notes, Daniel

parent 770075b5
- I/O avoid copies when parsing mmap'ed files, need to use
unmutable buffers except for the last 4K to make it 0 terminated
(or get rid of 0 termination check in the whole parser, hard !)
- recheck > 4Gb instances for parsing, and RNG validation.
- global variable access
for each expr in stylesheet : allocate index
for each transformation context
create an index table
cache values in the transformation
- context evaluation
- cache
- constants at the XPAth level
- provide more info on compiled expressions
- dependances w.r.t. variables (which ones)
- dependancy on the current node
- dependancy on the current document
- do not use _private but other fields in the node structures.
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