Commit 890faa54 authored by Pietro Cerutti's avatar Pietro Cerutti Committed by Daniel Veillard
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Fix problem with specific and generic error handlers

It seems that setting up both xmlTextReaderSetStructuredErrorHandler and
xmlSetStructuredErrorFunc confuses the code around error.c:592 and following
This patch works with any combinations of using xmlSetStructuredErrorFunc,
xmlTextReaderSetStructuredErrorHandler, both, or none.
parent 466fcdaa
......@@ -615,8 +615,11 @@ __xmlRaiseError(xmlStructuredErrorFunc schannel,
data = ctxt->userData;
} else if (channel == NULL) {
channel = xmlGenericError;
if (!data)
if (ctxt != NULL) {
data = ctxt;
} else {
data = xmlGenericErrorContext;
if (channel == NULL)
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