Commit 8074b881 authored by Jan Pokorný's avatar Jan Pokorný Committed by Nick Wellnhofer

Fix unability to validate ambiguously constructed interleave for RelaxNG

Previously, test/relaxng/ambig_name-class.xml would fail to validate
for a simple reason -- interleave within "open-name-class" context
is supposed to be fine with whatever else is pending the consumption,
since effectively, it's unrelated from a higher parsing perspective.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJan Pokorný <>
parent 81958b6e
......@@ -9476,7 +9476,17 @@ xmlRelaxNGValidateInterleave(xmlRelaxNGValidCtxtPtr ctxt,
xmlRelaxNGFreeValidState(ctxt, oldstate);
oldstate = ctxt->state;
ctxt->state = NULL;
if (cur != NULL) {
if (cur != NULL
/* there's a nasty violation of context-free unambiguities,
since in open-name-class context, interleave in the
production shall finish without caring about anything
else that is OK to follow in that case -- it would
otherwise get marked as "extra content" and would
hence fail the validation, hence this perhaps
dirty attempt to rectify such a situation */
&& (define->parent->type != XML_RELAXNG_DEF
|| !xmlStrEqual(define->parent->name,
(const xmlChar *) "open-name-class"))) {
ret = -1;
ctxt->state = oldstate;
./test/relaxng/ambig_name-class.rng validates
\ No newline at end of file
<grammar xmlns="" >
<element name="foo">
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